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Domino’s Pizza – Brand Suicide?

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Domino’s recent campaign, which gives a two-thumbs-down review of its own pizza sauce and crust along with a promise for a new recipe and commitment to quality, is a new strategy for a major American brand. Traditionally, brands with strong brand recognition and brand loyalty – the first that comes to mind being McDonald’s – do whatever it takes to protect their image. McDonald’s has gotten bad press about the quality, taste and high caloric content of their food for years. Their reaction: defend the food, but also offer more nutritious offerings. Deflect the blame, support the brand and offer alternatives.

Domino’s has long been known for fast, convenient delivery service and value. While many Americans – including myself – have found the product to be just fine (for what it is – fast, cheap delivery pizza) they have attributed their downward trend in sales to a poor product. While loads of research has probably supported this deduction, it’s quite a gamble to completely modify your core product.

Time will tell if the strategy works. If nothing, it’s bold.


Written by forgefarther

January 12, 2010 at 12:47 am

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